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Global Arts & Culture

Producing, development, writing, curating and/or directing live performance for theatres, festivals, gala fundraisers and private cultural immersion projects worldwide. Specializing in international works integrating multiple disciplines: theatre, music, dance, literature, visual imagery, spoken word, video and soundscapes.
--Providing audiences customized performance and culture, by making art experiential.

Projects and clients include:
  • WIRED x Design (WxD) Conference for Conde Naste's WIRED
  • Hermès Paris in Miami, The Flamingo Party
  • RIMOWA: A Legend Returns, Junkers F-13 unveiling
  • Hermès Women's Universe: All About Women, New York City
  • Brooklyn Museum, ©Murakami, Counterfeit Performance, Louis Vuitton
  • Museum Of Contemporary Art, L.A., Gala 2011, Marina Abramović
  • Museum Of Contemporary Art, L.A., Gala 2013, Rob Pruitt
  • Bounce / AEG: Cultural, Arts & Nonprofits Specialist
  • Merv Griffin Productions
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • KCD, NYC: (Arts & Nonprofits with Fashion Specialist)
  • Vulcan, Inc.: St. Petersburg, Helsinki, New Orleans
  • Strive Associates: Arts & Culture Producer/Director
  • Cornerstone Productions, New York Fashion Week

In locations such as:
Scotland, New Orleans, Russia, New York, Finland, Turkey, Greece, Liberty Island, Los Angeles, Miami, Oshkosh, Mexico City, Skywalker Ranch